When Excel reaches its limits

Excel is a very good tool to make simple calculations, to try something out and to create an overview. Once it is industrialized and integrated into business processes in a sustainable way, Excel can lead to inefficiencies and in transparency. Because…


  • Excel is difficult to integrate into the IT environment, which means that multiple entries are and will be necessary.

  • An Excel folder can only be edited by one employee at a time.

  • complex Excel applications can be maintained almost only by the person who developed them, thus creating a high level of dependency and risk

  • with Excel you can easily solve problems, which can be displayed in a table. If several tables come into play, it becomes difficult to keep an overview.

  • Excel is very susceptible to incorrect entries and therefore often leads to incorrect results.

At the latest with industrialization and integration into the existing IT environment, the time has come to transform the Excel application into a reliable, integrated and easy-to-use web application.

We would be happy to help you take your Excel application to a new level and enable team-spanning, faster and networked work.


- Send us your Excel application or make an appointment for a consultation on a possible web application


- Afterwards we will conduct a workshop together with your specialists. In this workshop we analyse your requirements and create a functional prototype within a few days.


- Use the prototype and real data to check whether our analysis of your requirements was correct.


- We then develop the prototype into a fully integrated and web-based software solution and put it into operation.

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