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U-GA portal, for efficient data transmission

One of the many large companies that use the services of Comitas AG is a Swiss insurance company. The latter faced the problem of having to process and send wage and financial data from a central SAP program to their general agents. This required numerous manual steps, which are now eliminated by the application developed by Comitas.

Entrepreneur GA Portal

For the general agents and trustees of an insurance company, it is necessary to access the employee's master data, the information about their salary and their GL data which is stored in a central SAP application for their work.

Orion legal protection insurance –

Legal services

Comitas AG has created an application for Orion called Legal Services, which will cover all processes from bidding, to activity management and billing, to providing legal services, giving Orion customers the opportunity to obtain additional legal services from Orion.

Modern Software for Customer Service

The Wealth Management company previously used CRM software for customer service, based on a web framework. Although the functions still met the requirements, a revision was required to meet all current security standards.

Orion legal protection insurance

Orion Rechtsschutz-Versicherung AG, one of the leading Swiss legal expenses insurers, wanted to replace its existing insurance solution with a new standard solution. Unfortunately, the chosen provider was not completely convincing and the user-friendliness, process efficiency and integration capability did not meet the requirements.

Orion legal protection insurance

In this case, an existing Microsoft Access insurance premium calculator application was successfully replaced with a web-based solution. Due to the modern web infrastructure, it is no longer necessary to distribute the application to hundreds of brokers and partners.

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