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U-GA portal, for efficient data transmission

One of the many large companies that use the services of Comitas AG is Zurich Insurance.

One of the many large companies that use the services of Comitas AG is a Swiss insurance company. The latter faced the problem of having to process and send wage and financial data from a central SAP program to their general agents. This required numerous manual steps, which are now eliminated by the application developed by Comitas.

A fast transfer of data

The insurance company had not used an automated system to transfer their data. Trustees were responsible for the distribution. In part, they did this task manually, which lost several working days each month. As part of this project, Comitas AG has developed software that automates this process. Despite considerable amounts of data and complicated distribution logic, the software can do it in less than an hour, and only very few manual interventions are necessary. As a result, the costs for this step fell considerably.

Easy access for the general agents

Another advantage of the new application is that general agents now have much easier access to their data. A web portal provides you with an up-to-date overview of the course of business. It is no longer necessary to log in to the more complicated accounting system to get an overview of financial information. The presentation of business data and reports is simple and clear, making the work of general agents much easier.

Optimum safety

The data that the insurance company transmits to its general agents are very sensitive and must be protected against unauthorized access. For this reason, Comitas developed a comprehensive security system. In conjunction with hosting at Swisscom, this significantly reduces the dangers of cyberattacks.

Comitas: solutions for efficient work

The services of Comitas AG offer the insurance company a high added value. The developed application brings a significant reduction in the workload, which in turn leads to significant savings. If you, too, would like to simplify the work processes in your company with custom-made software, then Comitas is happy to assist you. Get in contact with us and increase the efficiency in your company!

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