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Transporter Tracking: easy organization of order

Many companies order several similar vans from this auto importer.

Many companies order several similar vans from Mercedes-Benz Schweiz AG, where they can have the vehicles adapted to their individual requirements. For this reason, the order is followed by a multi-step process that prepares for delivery. In order to coordinate the individual operations and to inform the customer about it, the company previously used Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets. The exchange of documents was usually done via Dropbox or a similar system. However, this method had considerable disadvantages. The transfer of data is rather unconstrained in this way. The consistency is not guaranteed, and it is also incomprehensible which party made which changes to the document. Finally, manual management and updating of the Excel sheets is a huge administrative burden.

Web-based solution for high security and easy collaboration

To make this process easier and safer, the company commissioned a web application from Comitas. It is based on ASP.Net technology and ensures a high level of security and ease of use. Another advantage is that simultaneous processing by different departments is easily possible. For each change, it is noted exactly which employee has made this change. This greatly facilitates the control. In addition, the vehicle importer always has an accurate overview of how far the process has progressed. Finally, with this application, the processing of the processes is greatly simplified, which in turn lowers the administrative costs.

The individual steps from ordering to delivery

Since many customers have very different requirements for their commercial vehicles, the application allows the process to be specified individually. The dealer accepts all customer requests and enters them into the system accordingly. If a lift or a custom interior is necessary, the vehicle is first sent to be retrofitted or customized. If the customer's company logo or an advertising slogan is to be added to the body, a painter is also involved in the process. At the end of the process follows the final inspection and delivery. The software registers all individual steps and includes them in the workflow. In addition, if necessary, it integrates transport between the individual facilities. Once the exact procedure has been specified, all participants can access the application. Special roles are given so that each department has access only to the data they need. The program follows a timeline and specifies which steps must be completed by what time. If you also need a program to control your production processes, just contact Comitas AG - we're here to help.

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