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Success Stories
Digital Services for all industries

Software for Efficient Management of Business Processes

The Global Business division of Swisscom AG is responsible for large customers with worldwide networks. The company's employees previously used simple Excel sheets to manage these networks.

Modern Software for Customer Service

The Wealth Management company previously used CRM software for customer service, based on a web framework. Although the functions still met the requirements, a revision was required to meet all current security standards.


Business-critical Service

from the Comitas Cloud

Olympia Bob in St. Moritz has long used specially developed software to control almost all business processes. Especially important was the application in the organization of international bobsled races.


Companies Founded Online with Comitas

IFJ (in German; Institut für Jungunternehmer, or Institute for Young Entrepreneurs in English), - helps start-ups on their way to becoming self-sufficient. Comitas AG helps the IFJ to make this process easy and convenient online.


Efficient Logistics at BIG ALs Through Helpful Applications

At the logistics company BIG ALs, an efficient organization of the tasks is of great importance. Employees deliver photocopiers and pick them up from the customer when the contract expires


Electronic Remarketing


The focus of Mercedes-Benz Schweiz AG is on the sale of new cars. However, the group also sells some second-hand cars were used by a car rental company or as a company car for their own employees.


Central Order Portal

for the IFJ

The Institute for Entrepreneurs (IFJ) uses various applications to provide its services to customers. An example of this is the Business Plan Tool, which helps company founders create an formatted business plan. The IFJ also wanted a central administration tool, which summarizes the data of all applications and allows central processing. Comitas AG successfully completed this task with the order portal.


U-GA portal, for efficient data transmission

One of the many large companies that use the services of Comitas AG is a Swiss insurance company. The latter faced the problem of having to process and send wage and financial data from a central SAP program to their general agents. This required numerous manual steps, which are now eliminated by the application developed by Comitas.


Entrepreneur GA Portal

For the general agents and trustees of an insurance company, it is necessary to access the employee's master data, the information about their salary and their GL data which is stored in a central SAP application for their work.


Transporter Tracking: easy organization of order


Many companies order several similar vans from the auto importer, where they can have the vehicles adapted to their individual requirements. For this reason, the order is followed by a multi-step process that prepares for delivery. In order to coordinate the individual operations and to inform the customer about it, the company previously used Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets.


B2B portal for the dealers of a Swiss auto importer

When the vehicle is authorized on sale, the application automatically imports it onto a B2B platform that is accessible to authorized dealers.


Order tracking system

for a Swiss auto importer

When a customer orders a truck, this process starts a series of different administrative steps. Several departments of the group as well as some external partners are involved. All with software from Comitas AG.


Automatic processing of transport orders

The transport company “Kies & Recycling” uses an application from Comitas AG, which contributes to a fast and efficient execution of their transport orders. The company's drivers must pick up construction or waste materials at a construction site and then transport them either to a landfill or to another construction site.


New web portal for

Olympia Bob Run

The company Olympia Bob Run (OBR) organizes bobsleigh races, training rides and so-called taxi rides on its track - with guests traveling with an experienced pilot. OBR had the idea to organize these events with the help of a web portal. This should allow the customers - ie guests and athletes - a simple registration for events.