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Modern Software for Customer Service

The Wealth Management company previously used CRM software for customer service, based on a web framework. Although the functions still met the requirements, a revision was required to meet all current security standards. To meet these requirements, Comitas developed a completely redesigned software. The previous functions, however, remained completely intact. In addition, the new software should be easily expandable. The developers of Comitas chose an ASP.Net MVC framework for this task with the focus is on security and usability.

Joint Software for Three Independent Companies

The enterprise consists of three companies, which are organized independently. Nevertheless, they have the same customer base. These corporate structures presented a challenge in the development of this program. In many cases, it is necessary for employees from all three companies to access a customer's data. However, they have different tasks and access rights. To master this problem, Comitas AG developed multi-tenant software. This makes it possible to design functions for each of the participating companies, but they use the same data records. In addition, the access to the information can be precisely controlled so every employee receives only the data that he needs for his work.

Extension of the Software with a New Customer Portal

The customer data are not only of interest to the employees, but also to the customers themselves. So that they can also access it, Comitas has added a new customer portal to the software. The presentation takes place in real time - so customers can always see the current values of their accounts.

Operation of the Software in the Comitas Data Center

Comitas is not only concerned with the development of the new software, but also with its’ operation. It runs in its’ own data center, so the customer does not have to worry about maintenance. It also ensures compliance with all security standards. In conjunction with a secure software architecture, customer data is optimally protected in this way. Also, maintenance and enhancements are quick and easy to do. Get in touch with us if you need secure software for customer service for your company!

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