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Order tracking system for a Swiss auto importer

When a customer of Mercedes-Benz Trucks Schweiz AG orders a truck, this process starts a series of different administrative steps.

When a customer orders a truck, this process starts a series of different administrative steps. Several departments of the group as well as some external partners are involved. All with software from Comitas AG.

Web-based application for easy collaboration

Since this process involves several departments in different locations, a web-based solution is ideal for this. Regardless of their whereabouts, all parties can always access the current data and adjust it if necessary. Therefore, Comitas decided in consultation with the customer on the use of ASP.Net technology. This corresponds to the current state-of-the-art and is very future-proof.

The functions of the web application

Since the process from order to delivery consists of many different steps, the application has numerous individual functions. The whole process starts with the vehicle configuration. For this purpose, the Swiss auto importer uses an SAP software in which the corresponding data is stored. Comitas has therefore developed a suitable interface via which the application can automatically import the data from the configurator. Therefore, it is not necessary to enter them by hand. Of great importance is the extensive set of rules that is stored in the program. It clearly shows which department must perform which tasks and at what time. Everyone involved has easy access to this information, so they know immediately what to do and what time frame is available. It also indicates which operation is next. The application updates the data daily - for example, if a delivery date should shift due to manufacturing changes or for other reasons. If a task builds on a previous step, the program automatically connects them. The application allows the allocation of specific roles so that every user sees only the details that they need for their work step.

Numerous practical additional functions

In addition to pure order tracking, the application also offers some practical additional features that are very convenient for the dealers. This includes, for example, the calculation of the costs for a specific add-ons. In addition, the company's partners can use this tool to find out what commission they are entitled to when selling a particular vehicle. Another important point is the connection to the Document Management System (DMS). The DMS saves documents centrally and digitally and therefore eliminates the need to store in paper form. If you also need a system for coordinating your production or sales processes for your company, Comitas AG will be happy to help. Arrange a consultation to clarify all the details!

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