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Success story 2 - ORIS

Orion Rechtsschutz-Versicherung AG, one of the leading Swiss legal expenses insurers, wanted to replace its existing insurance solution with a new standard solution. Unfortunately, the chosen provider was not completely convincing and the user-friendliness, process efficiency and integration capability did not meet the requirements.

Orion has found a partner in Comitas AG who has the skills to meet the expectations of future viability and usability through a web-based front-end and to improve employee efficiency through coordinated workflows in the system.

Through the program, the insurance-specific processes in the insurance business can be handled by the employees. For the products Orion Private and Orion Pro, both standard and special cases can be targeted thanks to the high flexibility of the web-based user interface.

Orion's claims department benefits from facilitated legal case collection and processing made possible by the system. The integration into the existing quotation and premium calculator for customer advisors reduces the duplication of customers and offer information and increases the ability of employees to provide information to the customer advisors from the sales partners. The clear process steps and the improvement of the user friendliness significantly reduce the training costs of new employees and at the same time create a modern and sustainable employee portal for existing employees.

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