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New web portal for Olympia Bob Run

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Interface between customers and sporting events

The company Olympia Bob Run (OBR) organizes bobsleigh races, training rides and so-called taxi rides on its track - with guests traveling with an experienced pilot. OBR had the idea to organize these events with the help of a web portal. This should allow the customers - ie guests and athletes - a simple registration for events.

The implementation of the web portal

The new portal consists of a public, a closed, and an administration area. The publicly accessible pages contain general information about the bobsleigh track - for example their route profile. To book guest or training rides or to register for a race, it is necessary to create an account, which any user can do independently. Over their account, users can then book rides and view the results of the previously completed rides. Only a few employees of OBR have access to the admin area. Here they can add new events, set the prices and find detailed information on rides or customers through a comprehensive search function. In addition, it is possible to insert reservations manually - for example, when a telephone order arrives.

Connection to a local application

OBR uses a separate local application to plan and execute the runs for events. To ensure a smooth process, programmers at Comitas have set up appropriate interfaces that allow data to be exchanged between web portal and local application. For example, the web portal transfers the requested rides/runs to the application so that all necessary data is available for the race. The application then transmits the race results and photo and video recordings back to the web portal. This allows the athletes to see their results or view the recordings of their rides/runs. Should your company also need a web portal for the collection of customer data or the organization of business processes, then Comitas AG will gladly assist you. Just make an appointment and find out about our services!

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