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What moves our world

Learn how a hybrid approach can help making the right software decisions.

Tailor-made processes thanks to integration of standard software

We are delighted to announce that Intrapact 11.0 is now available! It will facilitate your work and make it more enjoyable.

Intrapact 11.0 is here!

Not only do we have a new design bob, no, now an additional new Comitas Bob will be on display from the 8th of November at the Verkehrshaus Luzern in a permanent exhibition of the Olympic Bob Run St. Moritz-Celerina!

Event weekend "Olympia Bob Run" St. Moritz-Celerina

A software developed by IBM in the field of artificial intelligence, attracted attention especially through a public "appearance" at the US game show "Jeopardy!"

IBM Watson in its own

application solutions

In addition to the trend towards outsourcing, there is another development in IT: Services and services are increasingly being merged.

"Software" services

If you google for the IT Trends 2015, you will inevitably come across the term "Internet of Things" (or in English: "The Internet of Things"). 

The Internet of Things

For half an eternity, one speaks of paperless offices. Despite computers, tablets and smartphones, the paper stubbornly sticks to our everyday lives. 

The skepticism in front

of the cloud

KMU setzen verstärkt auf den Einsatz von IT Partner und schätzen den Nutzen – Planbare Kosten, Expertise…

Warum der Einbezug von IT Partnern bei der Digitalen Transformation für KMU’s ein Vorteil?

The digitalization and the hidden burden of IT legacy systems are setting the agenda for many small and medium-sized enterprises in addition to the operational challenges.

Market study - Digitalization and succession of old IT systems 

The Swiss car importer uses different applications for the organization of their internal processes. 

Efficient user management for

different applications

Bots, computer programs that operate independently according to given patterns, have become more and more important in recent years

What can we expect from the use of bots?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are considered by experts to be the future topics of IT. 

Watson & Co.

Regular backups are an absolute must for large and small businesses and inevitable. 

Data backup: the alpha and omega

Hosting centers are one of the big IT trends of recent years. But is it really worthwhile to resort to such services? 

What do modern hosting

centers look like?

We are proud to announce the upgrade of our Microsoft partnership to Gold status.

Golden Upgrade of our Microsoft Partnership

If you think that customers are the link that holds a business together, then it is natural that the foundation of dedicated and satisfied customers is critical.

CRM improvement of the

customer experience

No business can do without IT today, and there are applications for every business. In addition

Support for users - more

important than ever?

You have completed your computer science education or just fancy a change? Comitas AG, headquartered in Schlieren-Zurich

ASP.Net Software


There is no proper health system in Mozambique. People come from poor, basic circumstances and are unable to pay for their basic or medical care....

Evista Project Mozambique

If you google for the IT Trends 2015, you will inevitably come across the term "Internet of Things" (or in English: "The Internet of Things"). 

The modern workplace