Efficient user management for different applications

The Swiss car importer uses different applications for the organization of their internal processes. Often both the employees of the Group and external dealers have access to it. However, the rights that the different users have differed considerably. To simplify the organization, Comitas AG has developed a system for user management.

Automatic import of data and distribution of authorizations​

In order to grant the permissions, it is first necessary to have the appropriate data. For this purpose, the software reads them from the employee and dealer directories and stores them in an SQL database. So that the data records are always up-to-date, this process takes place every night. If the data is available, administrators can now assign rights and roles. Some assignments are immediately valid while others must first go through a release process. The individual applications can now retrieve the authorization either via the web service or they have direct access to the corresponding database.

Simple application and high security: the requirements for the assignment of rights​

So that users do not have to repeat the login for each individual application, Comitas AG has implemented a system for single sign-on. This means that the system transmits an encrypted token when logging on the first application. This provides the user data when the users open another application. The security is provided by a siteminder who is connected in front of the application. This examines the registration data against a central register. Only when the check is successfully completed, he forwards the user to the application.

If an efficient allocation of rights for your applications is also necessary in your company, Comitas AG will be glad to help you. Benefit from excellent security and a high degree of user-friendliness!

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