Digitalization and the succession planning of IT legacy systems as a major challenge for SMEs in German-speaking Switzerland

The digitalization and the hidden burden of IT legacy systems are setting the agenda for many small and medium-sized enterprises in addition to the operational challenges. The potential of digitization is immense and at the same time, the liberation from legacy systems through the use of new and simplified technologies offers the opportunity to improve processes and services. The current process of change should be aimed at companies to take advantage of agility and higher customer engagement in order to increase their competitiveness.

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In particular, the expansion and acceleration of business processes are the main drivers of their efforts. However, many companies see a need for improvement in their current situation in the harmonisation of IT systems and the synchronisation of data exchange. In addition, the complexity continues to increase, and the risks such as secure representation, data security, and support of legacy systems are not equally pronounced in all companies.

The market study provides an insight into, and outlook on, the topics of legacy systems and digitization and can be downloaded free of charge. 


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