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LeanSync is a joint venture between Swisscom and Comitas, which allows telephony and office software to communicate with each other. It offers functions that allow customer information to be retrieved in real time and efficient calls to be made from business software.

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Intrapact from Comitas offers the ultimate solution as an integrated document management system. This product provides an information platform system that allows you to use applications or web-based software tools that help streamline processes and ensure that users within the organization have access.



Comivent is a web-based tool that organizes your events and courses, allows you to book resources (such as rooms, beamers, etc.), inform/invite employees and neatly display all information in the calendar.

Comivent offers all these and more features and scores with state-of-the-art technology and intuitive design!



Brolio is a Contact Management Application that enables SMEs to improve their company-wide coordination with their employees and customers. Interfaces to other standard software like bexio, Mailchimp or Office 365 make brolio a valuable and indispensable solution for every SME and offers the possibility to create an integrated Smart Office environment.

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