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Efficient Logistics at BIG ALs Through Helpful Applications

At the logistics company BIG ALs, an efficient organization of the tasks is of great importance. Employees deliver photocopiers and pick them up from the customer when the contract expires.

New Software for Easier Organization of Orders

To organize the individual transport orders, BIG ALs previously used software specially developed for this purpose. This was the responsibility of a single employee of the company, but this employee das left so no further development was possible. In addition, this program was based on obsolete technology which made it difficult to expand and integrate with other systems. Therefore, the order was given to Comitas to develop a completely new program.

Development and Operation of New Software for Order Organization

The developers of Comitas set about creating an application that covers the entire workflow of the customer. The starting point is the automatic import of order data. This is made possible by a file interface. The program also provides handy tools for completing orders and even helps with billing. Of great importance is a transparent cost calculation. The application incorporates factors such as the transport, storage and processing of the products and makes them easily traceable. A connection to the BIG ALs web portal allows the display of orders and stock in real time. The application runs in the data center of Comitas. Therefore, the customer does not have to worry about hardware provisioning or maintenance. In addition, a high level of security for the data is guaranteed. If you also need new business process organization software or if you want to run an application in a powerful and secure data center, Comitas is the right partner for you. Get in touch with one of our consultants and find out about the various offers!

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