Financing digitalisation - leasing in B2B

Digitalisation is becoming increasingly relevant for companies in the B2B sector. But the step towards digital transformation comes at a price - e-commerce leasing offers a way to directly develop your application individually and ensure the financial scope for operations.

Digitalisation poses a major challenge for B2B companies

The first step towards a digital future seems insurmountable for many companies in diverse sectors such as construction and industry, but it is absolutely necessary. After all, digitalisation is advancing constantly and B2B companies must keep up with their competitors. An individual software solution tailored to the company can help. However, new technical IT equipment or the implementation of a platform/software application often means an increased need for investment.  If the necessary investment funds are lacking, cutbacks may be made, for example in the functions or design of the platform. This is exactly where the digit-start approach comes in.


The leasing concept

Leasing is a special type of financing. Known primarily for cars or high-priced machines, the financing option has now established itself in the business world. The total sum is repaid in monthly instalments. The lessor initially takes over the financing of the object and makes it available to the lessee. The lessee pays off the agreed monthly instalment as soon as he uses or develops the object. In addition, all leasing contracts are mostly off-balance sheet. This means that the leased object (e.g. a customer portal platform) does not appear on the lessee's balance sheet and the equity ratio remains unaffected.

Leasing for digital solutions

Leasing can also be used for digital projects. Companies can start directly without having to save up an investment sum beforehand. The costs for the project are paid in monthly instalments and spread over a pre-agreed period of time. In addition to financing the implementation, leasing can also be used for services such as professional advice.

With calculable risk and costs for sustainable and accelerated digitisation and application development, digit-start offers all possibilities.

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