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Support and knowledge transfer by Print company Kyburz AG

The family business in the Zurich Unterland has been in existence for 48 years. For many years, the Druckerei Kyburz AG has concentrated on special fields in addition to regular orders through ongoing and strategically considered investments. 


Minimize risk through knowledge transfer

Within the scope of digitalization, the Druckerei Kyburz AG has developed several solutions in the intra- and extranet area in the last years. The web portals were programmed on Linux in PHP by individual employees and operated internally. With the use of the applications new technical and functional requirements were added and the complexity to develop and maintain the portals increased steadily. The growing circle of users and the business-critical processes, which were handled by the applications, increased. It was impossible to imagine daily business without the portals. Now the risk had to be minimized, because in case of a malfunction it was necessary to be able to react quickly. That was when Druckerei Kyburz AG started looking for an IT partner from the region and found a reliable and long-term oriented software company in Comitas AG.


Ensure further development, maintenance & support with a strong partner

Together with the employees of the printing company, Comitas has documented the solutions professionally and technically and has already taken over the support and maintenance at the same time. This ensured the transfer of knowledge via the intra- and extranet portals, such as their interfaces to PrintPlus and Topal.

One can now look forward to personnel and organizational changes or absences in a more relaxed manner - because the Comitas team is always available. As a rule, the support team is on hand to help with problems and if further resources are required, for example for programming new functions, a team of qualified developers is available at short notice.

Internally, the employees at Druckerei Kyburz AG can concentrate on the professional processes and the technical part is handled by Comitas AG. That was the beginning of a strong partnership!

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