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The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the megatrends and a much-discussed topic, as is the case with Comitas. We will show you what IoT is and why its use is becoming more and more important. We will illustrate with examples where IoT is already being used successfully in various industries.

What is the Internet of Things?

Simply explained, the Internet of Things includes the following components:

  • Intelligent and networked products:
    Different "things" or devices such as machines, cars, medical equipment, systems and wearables and many more that are interconnected. These devices record various data points with the help of sensors and interfaces.

  • Data Transmission:
    Various technologies are used for the above-mentioned connection of devices or sensors and the resulting data transmission. This ranges from WIFI to Bluetooth up to 5G.

  • Data integration:
    Finally, the extensive data is usually stored in clouds, for example at Swisscom for further processing. This forms the link between the devices and users. Which is why the importance of cloud solutions in the future is also becoming apparent here. An example of this is LeanSync, which ensures voice and data synchronization between necessary SME systems - CRM, Accounting and Microsoft Office - and thus represents a flexible solution to a rigid ERP system.

  • Data analysis and data storage/reaction:
    Finally, the data is processed and evaluated with the help of developed algorithms and analysis tools and enables new value-creating applications. A simple example of this is the very accurate and up-to-date route update in Google Maps.

  • No limits:
    IoT must be imagined as a global infrastructure. An all-encompassing network. It encompasses the totality of all networked things and is not geographically limited and is growing rapidly.

Why is IoT important?

For a company, the question of the added value of such applications for its own company and its customers usually comes to the fore in the end. Three components can be identified across the board.

  • Customer experience:
    The customer experience can be greatly improved. With the help of IoT applications, new forms of customer interaction are possible, which in turn enables a closer relationship with the customer and thus brings competitive advantages by differentiating oneself from the competition and providing a higher degree of flexibility.

  • More efficient processes:
    The simplification and automation of internal as well as external processes creates overall efficiency improvements.

  • New business models:
    A market shift can be observed, from products to "products as services". This means that with the help of IoT applications not only products are sold, but a suitable service delivers added value to the product.

Examples for the use of IoT


In industry, there are many possible applications for IoT. Famous examples of IoT technologies in industry include remote maintenance. In this case, a product is set, readjusted or serviced remotely according to the sensor data transmitted. In terms of maintenance, the sensor data can also be used to provide real-time information on possible malfunctions, and immediate action can be taken to minimize downtime.


An example here are devices equipped with sensors and connected to each other, which announce their maintenance dates and can order possible spare parts directly themselves. Another advantage is an automatic ordering process, if an order is automatically triggered in case of scarcity of consumables. A well-known example are printer cartridges. But also integrated systems that synchronize data regularly and independently form an IoT-like variant and create flexibility and higher data transparency, such as LeanSync.


Smart-Home solutions and fitness trackers are well known in the private sector. Smart-Home solutions can be automated via sensors in the house, for example thermostat or light controls. In fitness tracking, health data such as heart rate, number of steps etc. are usually measured by sensors using wearables and personal suggestions for improvement are generated.


Comitas is also intensively involved with IoT technologies. At you can learn more about the practical application of networking for telephony and data synchronization.

Have you already used IoT technology or can you imagine an IoT application in your company? We look forward to receiving your answers and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the IoT topic.

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