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Central Order Portal for the IFJ

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The Institute for Entrepreneurs - IFJ - uses various applications to provide its services to customers.

The Institute for Entrepreneurs (IFJ) uses various applications to provide its services to customers. An example of this is the Business Plan Tool, which helps company founders create a formatted business plan. The IFJ also wanted a central administration tool, which summarizes the data of all applications and allows central processing. Comitas AG successfully completed this task with the order portal.

Order portal with interfaces to all applications

For the proper functioning of the central order portal, it is important that it receives all information automatically from the other applications. For this reason, the developers have set up interfaces that allow easy data transfer. Each program submits the information when a customer orders a product or when using one of the company's many tools. In addition, they specify the respective terms. Thanks to central recording, employees always have an exact overview of which customer is using which services.

Interaction with the CRM

In order to adapt the services to the requirements of individual customers, the IFJ has set up a program for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which interacts with the order portal. The CRM system receives all the data on the booked services of a single customer for easy processing, but the reverse way is also possible. If, for example, a telephone consultation takes place, then the corresponding employee first enters the data gained into the CRM system. This is then transferred to the order portal so that they are also available for other applications.

Comitas AG can also network individual programs in your company to enable a good workflow. Inform yourself about the possibilities and make the processes in your company more efficient!

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