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 Intrapact as Intranet at hospital Zollikerberg

As a hospital with a public service mandate, the Zollikerberg Hospital contributes to optimal medical care in the greater Zurich area and treats all patients - regardless of their insurance class - with equal care and according to the highest quality criteria. However, in order to maintain the high level of medical and nursing services, the technical prerequisites must also be in place.


Since the intranet at the time was outdated and difficult to manage due to static document management, the hospital needed a portal solution. The decisive and at the same time most important application for the hospital is the Document Center. The necessary basic structure options were determined in advance by Comitas with the entire IT department by means of a workshop. Subsequently, the task was to create a suitable structure for the Document Center for each department and to review, clean and clearly organize all existing documents. After the preparatory work was finally completed, the Document Center could be set up for each hospital department. Since then, it has been providing each employee with the most important documents such as work instructions, guidelines, drug lists as well as forms, regulations and contractual conditions at all times. The administration of the Document Center is the responsibility of the Admin and the 30 Superusers.

The basis is the organisation-oriented folder structure. The information can be accessed by users from different areas of the intranet or via search. This means that everyone can proceed according to their own method - searching with various criteria directly on the homepage or using the menu items to access the relevant areas.

The contents are always displayed in all places according to the permissions of each individual user. If documents are relevant for different topics, they are stored once and linked to the other areas. Due to the automatic versioning of the documents, only the latest version is available for the users. Intrapact always ensures that the link always refers to the most current version of the document from all places in the intranet. Since the Document Center is accessed every minute, this application and thus Intrapact itself is at a critical point in the business.


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