When digital is not important - our contribution to a better world.

Enriching the community and giving something back


Comitas AG has always made it its business to be a responsible citizen of the world. We go beyond our business to enrich the community by giving something back in our own way. We are constantly working with charities and foundations to make a little difference in the world. We support various education, health and sustainability programs in the African region.

Our contribution for a better world

Social commitment also plays a major role at Comitas. In this way we want to improve the living conditions of people in disadvantaged regions. Increasing equal opportunities is of great social relevance for us.

Brick for Kimilili: Support for a project in Kenya

Lessons in simple classrooms made of corrugated iron are part of everyday life for many children in Kenya. The project "Brick for Kimilili", organized by students of the University of St. Gallen, helps to replace corrugated iron with masonry. Comitas AG supports this initiative and thus contributes to a better future for the country's students.

Evista project in Mozambik

Mozambique does not have a proper health system. The people come from poor, very basic circumstances and are not able to pay for their basic care or medical treatment themselves. Once a week they receive food donations at collection points in Vilanculos in the form of dry bread/cookies, a sweet and a minimal amount of money, which is far from sufficient to cover their living expenses. The elderly are undersupplied in every respect.

Comitas AG supports the Mozambique Project VIVA to build a care and nursing facility for the elderly in Vilanculos, Mozambique. The aim is that the facility can be handed over to local staff after an appropriate training and familiarisation phase (teaching and knowledge transfer). With our contribution we make the construction of a nursing home possible.

The Evista Foundation is a charitable foundation under Swiss law, which was newly established in December 2016. Evista is subject to the Swiss Federal Supervisory Authority for Foundations. Detailed information about the project and the Evista Foundation can be found at

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