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Companies Founded Online with Comitas

IFJ (in German; Institut für Jungunternehmer, or Institute for Young Entrepreneurs in English), - helps start-ups on their way to becoming self-sufficient. Comitas AG helps the IFJ to make this process easy and convenient online.

Processing Applications for the Founding of a Company Online

When a young entrepreneur presents his business idea to IFJ, their application goes through several processing steps. First, the applicant must provide all the information about the proposed company. This is followed by an internal review process and finally the processing by a notary. To simplify and unify these steps, Comitas developed an application for IFJ. The collection of the necessary data takes place directly online. Afterwards all employees, who deal with the corresponding project get access to the dataset. In this way, it is only necessary to query the details once. It is also possible to adapt the access rights to the requirements so that only authorized employees can gain insight. Frequently, external partners who also support the company founders are integrated into the workflow. For this purpose, a dedicated partner portal is available in which they can directly contact the applicants.

Easy to Use and Highly Adaptable: Web Applications from Comitas

Customers benefit from this application because the user interface is easy to understand and easy to use. This facilitates the work of the employees of IFJ as well as the company applications of the young entrepreneurs. The program can also be easily adapted to changing conditions so that it can be used over a long period of time. You also want to make the work processes in your company more efficient through web applications? Get in touch with Comitas - we're here to help!

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