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Creating Software Solutions

Understanding the need

To provide the right solution, understanding the problem is vital. Our application lifecycle management as a service provides businesses with a comprehensive solution for business challenges. An intensive pre-project analysis forms the basis for designing progressive solutions or building a custom Enterprise Application Integration. A sit-through with the clients allows us a peek into the working of the business and the challenges. Understanding the problem, the requirements, and the pain points are critical at this stage as it helps to develop the ideal, workable solution.

Conceptualizing the solution

The process of designing the right solution begins by creating a visual interpretation of your requirements. Meetings, discussions and brainstorming sessions with clients help us to arrive at possible solutions that can take their business cost-effectively to the next level. Whether it is a ready-made solution that is applicable or a custom-built software program, we arrive at the possible design in this stage of the application lifecycle management.

Designing the architecture

We arrive at a broad architectural blueprint through an exhaustive study of the problem, project or the challenge. Business requirements from stakeholders, regulatory compliances and other requirements of the project are used to create a framework which will be the basis for the ultimate design. A thorough map of the application services, the timeline, possible budget, right technology, security, and numerous other parameters are planned in this stage. We also work to have a perfect understanding of the development and testing environments so the design can be executed seamlessly.

Executing the design

This is probably better recognized as the ‘build’ or the production phase. Our experienced and skill-smart developers work to design an architecture that is effective regardless of the existing framework or the generation of software in use. The development of an EAI, software program or solution will be considered successful only when we have been able to streamline and integrate the data-driven processes across the enterprise’s ecosystem. Stress tests are conducted and detailed protocols are maintained to ensure that the applications function flawlessly when implemented in the organization