Application Integration

Creating a connection

The integration of different software applications in the value chain is becoming a central component in the age of digitalization and forms the basis for more efficient and future-oriented business processes. Comitas offers different possibilities to connect existing systems and platforms. The possibilities range from loose coupling (EAI - Enterprise Application Integration) to individual data synchronization platforms and can be implemented independently of the existing IT architecture and software programs.

A future-oriented integration of enterprise applications such as CRM, accounting and business analysis programs, offers your company the following advantages:

  • Application integrations enable the automation of business processes and lead to increased efficiency. 

  • Common user interfaces in different areas of the company can access a single application to obtain information.

  • Business rules and policies do not need to be implemented or rewritten when new applications are adopted.

  • Data and information remain consistent despite access by multiple users.

  • Improve productivity and customer experience with customer portals.

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