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Electronic Remarketing

The focus of Mercedes-Benz Schweiz AG is on the sale of new cars. However, the group also sells some second-hand cars were used by a car rental company or as a company car for their own employees. This division of the company is referred to as remarketing. So far, no suitable software was available for the coordination of processes in this area. To simplify organization and processing, Mercedes-Benz Schweiz AG was looking for a suitable program.

Web-based Software for the Organization of Second-hand Sales

On behalf of Mercedes-Benz, Comitas AG developed an ASP.Net web application that structures the entire process. This begins with the delivery to the first owner. The software automatically reads the vehicle data from the SAP order software. This makes a manual entry unnecessary. Based on the category of the customer, it also records the expected date for the return. Thus, the importer already knows in advance when the return is expected and can initiate the corresponding preparatory measures. Upon the return the vehicle is then prepared for remarketing. In this case, an accurate state analysis and pictures of the vehicle are stored within the application.

The Automatic Price Calculation: The Heart of the Application

The calculation of a suitable sales price for second-hand cars is based on many different factors - for example, the model, the mileage, the year of manufacture and the condition. In the past, employees were often employed in this process for several days per vehicle. In addition, this process was extremely error-prone. However, the remarketing system eliminates this work by performing an automatic price calculation. Every night it calculates the selling price based on the previously entered factors and adapts it to the current market developments.

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