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Comitas AG offers business-critical IT products and solutions for medium and large enterprises – across industries.
Creating Software Solutions

Applications for efficient processes and competitive advantages.

Today's modern development environments and capabilities enable a very efficient and cost-effective application implementation, which is tailored to your company’s work processes. Comitas supports your business from the conception to the complete implementation and beyond.

You will receive a tailor-made solution and support: the needs and special requirements of your company are always for our specialists during development to ensure professional-grade applications for your company.

Understanding your need
Conceptualizing the solution
Designing the architecture
Executing the design
Application Integration

Businesses use several enterprise applications such as ERP and CRM systems, Payroll Software or Human Resource programs. Enterprise application integration tools are critical for efficient communication between them. Comitas can help in designing an enterprise application integration system that can integrate all your applications resulting in efficient business processes.

Application Support

Data centres and expensive IT infrastructure can mean space and cost challenges for growing businesses. Comitas offers the best application/infrastructure hosting platforms and web application monitoring solutions so you can adapt, innovate and excel at your business without spending your time and effort on managing your IT infrastructure. Partnerships with tech giants such as Swisscom and Microsoft ensure that your information and data remains secure.

Application Management

A well-designed business application management software will lead to efficient business processes. Comitas creates customized software solutions for the challenges you face based on technically sound design; seamless implementation, excellent usability and constant support. We use an agile software development process, which ensures quick and customer value delivery.