Comitas AG offers you simple, secure and reliable solutions and products individually tailored to the business-critical environment for medium-sized and large companies in all industries.


Application Management

We at Comitas apply an agile software development process that guarantees a fast and customer-oriented implementation. The experts of Comitas support you in the analysis and conception of your planned software development. In addition, the economic efficiency is checked, and it is defined whether an individual development or a standardised software solution is to be implemented. In this way we can offer you the best cost-benefit ratio and the optimal solution for your needs. Comitas experts develop the tailor-made software solution based on a technical design and ensure long-term support and operation. The business applications of Comitas are operated in the DCS+ (Dynamic Computing Services) of Swisscom, so that the data protection requirements for hosting are ensured. All application management components from conception, development and support can be ensured by Comitas.


Application Creation 

A sophisticated understanding of technology, business practices and their dynamics helps us to provide you with the most relevant and effective software solution. We offer you our entire know-how and work with you to implement the software solution that is individually tailored to your needs.


Application Integration

Companies use various business applications such as ERP and CRM systems, payroll software or personnel programs. Integration tools for business applications are essential for efficient communication. Comitas can assist you in designing a system to integrate business applications. We integrate your applications according to your needs and business processes, thus strengthening your business processes sustainably.


Application Support 

In a business-critical environment, professional IT support, which serves as a direct contact point for the customer, is of central importance. With its professional IT support team, Comitas guarantees active assistance with customer concerns and ensures continuous maintenance of the software solution.
Comitas also takes care of your programs even if they are already in operation. In this way, downtimes which could lead to high losses, can be avoided.


DevOps as a Service

DevOps has become an indispensable best practice and digital transformation tool to enable agility and flexibility for many organizations for which today's agile software delivery is a key differentiator.

Let our team of experienced Scrum masters, engineers and DevOps professionals help you optimize your operations and smoothly achieve your business goals.

We support your company with our team of experienced software engineers and DevOps professionals in optimizing the infrastructure for various automation, IT architecture and software development.

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