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The skepticism in front of the cloud

The cloud has become increasingly secure in recent years. And yet, companies are still skeptical. Paperless work; Yes. But how? Is not the cloud more suitable for storing company data than a separate server?

For half an eternity, one speaks of paperless offices. Despite computers, tablets and smartphones, the paper stubbornly sticks to our everyday lives. After all, in the field of archiving, it seems as if most companies are going to digitize their documents. But the more digital data there is, the more space is needed. Hard disks and company servers can reach their limits.

A good solution to this problem is the cloud. Clouds enable large amounts of data to be stored cost-effectively outside the company server. However, the fear of confiscating one's own data is still very great - even though, according to various studies, the savings potential for companies would be enormous.

The IT infrastructure is often a problem factor

Business surveys are showing sobering results, especially with regard to digitization. Many companies are skeptical of using new techniques and confirm problems in their IT infrastructure.

At the heart of these uncertainties are the topics of security and data protection law, which are considered more risky in cloud computing than traditional server-based IT infrastructure - although the risks in both variants are now about the same.

However, we strongly recommend that you do not choose a provider outside of Switzerland.

The cloud offers huge benefits

  • The expensive acquisition and maintenance of own resources are eliminated

  • The service is available everywhere in real time

  • The operating risk for software and applications is outsourced to third parties

  • Enables fast and location-independent storage and provision of data

Cloud technology is the cornerstone of the next industrial revolution. As a result, the global economy invests more capital in cloud technologies year by year.

At Comitas, we develop business-oriented cloud solutions in close cooperation with Swisscom. Contact us for more information: info@comitas.ch, 044 745 17 77.

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