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The modern workplace

Do you already work with a cloud? Do you make calls via app? Do you have a really secure internet connection? Comvenis AG has set itself the task of creating a simple, customizable and at the same time sophisticated workplace for its customers - from telephony to office programs. An interview with the owner Peter Müller.

Mr. Müller, what exactly is your magic formula for a modern, practical workplace?

All business owners are aware that setting up a business-grade IT infrastructure will take time - and often capital. He needs to know where all corporate data is stored best, which phone company is the best, what internet speed is needed, and so on.

With "fit your business", the entrepreneur saves this effort and can invest the gained time in his core business. We offer companies the right business services based on the number of jobs in the company. This service is freely adaptable and expandable. Starting at CHF 98 a month, we provide a comprehensive workplace.

This service includes modern business solutions - from telephony to data storage to Internet connectivity and the use of office programs - all from one source. Based on the strategic Swisscom products, we have managed to put together an attractive workplace package.

Why "fit your business"?

"F" for flexible, "i" for individual and "t" for transparent. At the same time, "fit" means "adapt", so our message is: adapt your business with a flexible, individual and transparent offer.

We recommend an IT workstation environment tailored to your needs, which ensures the best cost-benefit ratio for the company. No great concepts and analyzes, no unmanageable selection of services and service level levels, but: a brief information briefing and a binding recommendation by Comvenis AG, based on Swisscom's strategic products. We show our customers what to look for when choosing their infrastructure and help them choose a cost-effective, cost-effective IT infrastructure through the coordinated and selective use of cloud products.

They offer Swisscom products. Why did you decide to partner with Swisscom?

A workplace solution of this kind requires both a special customer acquisition and products of high credibility. This has led us to Swisscom.

To mention just a few advantages: Data storage in the Storebox (cloud solution) is puncture proof, Swisscom offers great and customizable business solutions, and our offering is a good complement to SME support in the Swisscom shops, among other things.

Further information at  www.comvenis.ch

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