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Business-critical Service from the Comitas Cloud

Olympia Bob in St. Moritz has long used specially developed software to control almost all business processes. Especially important was the application in the organization of international bobsled races. It enabled the automatic creation of start and ranking lists as well as the assignment of photos and videos for each individual ride.

Improved Security with New Software

Although the previous software fulfilled all functions properly, a ground-up re-design was necessary. This was because a single private person was responsible for the development. This not only created a high dependency, but the technology used no longer met the current standard and few programmers were familiar with it. To avoid the resulting security risks, Olympia Bob Run opted for a new development.

The Design of the New Application

The software that Comitas created for Olympia Bob Run is based on a Microsoft UWP architecture. This means using state-of-the-art technology that meets all security and reliability requirements. The functions of the previous program remained almost exactly in the same form, and only some areas that the client no longer needed were removed. A COM interface allows interaction with the timing and video screen at the venue. The web portal is also integrated and provides access to video recordings of the rides. The employees of Comitas AG have not only developed the new program, they also take care of its’ operation. The application runs in its own data center. Therefore, the customer does not need any hardware for it.

Safe and Reliable Programs for the Organization of Major events

Olympia Bob Run hosts bobsled races involving top athletes from around the world. Since it is not possible to repeat a trip, a loss of timing data would have serious consequences. Therefore, stability and reliability play an important role in the design of the software. Comitas has developed a very robust program that is extremely invulnerable to data loss or other errors. In addition, operation from within in its’ own data center contributes to high reliability. If you need software that is secure and stable for your company, Comitas AG is happy to take over the development. Contact one of our employees to help plan your next project

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