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Efficient Logistics at BIG ALs Through Helpful Applications

At the logistics company BIG ALs, an efficient organization of the tasks is of great importance. Employees deliver photocopiers and pick them up from the customer when the contract expires

Transporter Tracking: easy organization of order


Many companies order several similar vans from Mercedes-Benz Schweiz AG, where they can have the vehicles adapted to their individual requirements. For this reason, the order is followed by a multi-step process that prepares for delivery. In order to coordinate the individual operations and to inform the customer about it, the company previously used Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets.

B2B portal for the dealers of a Swiss auto importer

When the vehicle is authorized on sale, the application automatically imports it onto a B2B platform that is accessible to authorized dealers.

Order tracking system for a Swiss auto importer

When a customer of Mercedes-Benz Trucks Schweiz AG orders a truck, this process starts a series of different administrative steps. Several departments of the group as well as some external partners are involved. All with software from Comitas AG.

Automatic processing of transport orders

The transport company “Kies & Recycling” uses an application from Comitas AG, which contributes to a fast and efficient execution of their transport orders. The company's drivers must pick up construction or waste materials at a construction site and then transport them either to a landfill or to another construction site.

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