Application Support

Support your IT Applications

Comitas can quickly process and answer all inquiries with its professional support team, which is available to the customer as a Single Point of Contact (SPOC). Here, qualified employees receive your messages and, if necessary, ensure access to specialists so that problems can be solved immediately.

Comitas' external application support is dedicated exclusively to the maintenance of your software applications and can call on specialists immediately in an emergency. This offers many advantages:

Increase of failure and data security

You also benefit from the support provided by Comitas from other customers: Reasons for problems with applications can be transferred and thus applications can be continuously improved. The know-how of the specialists also helps to keep the security level permanently high.

Immediate response to emergencies, escalation management

Should an emergency occur, the support team will immediately analyse the situation and can react appropriately.

Broad know-how portfolio and certified specialists

Support by specialists who are constantly building up new know-how. You do not have to worry about costs and downtime for the further training of your employees.

Calculable costs up to monthly fixed prices

The costs for application support are calculable. With fixed monthly prices, you do not have to worry about fluctuations and can plan for this in your budget.

Free capacities for your core business

Your employees no longer must worry about keeping your IT running. They can directly support your core business with process optimization and thus make the company more profitable.

Independence from employee absenteeism

Illness, vacation or parental leave: Whenever employees are absent, you need a replacement quickly. This is not always available. Comitas will compensate your own downtime internally - you don't have to worry about that.

Support for digitisation

Comitas, as a customer-oriented IT service provider, not only keeps an eye on your IT - it also observes the processes that contribute to the added value of your company and is always available to you as a contact at an equal level.

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