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Cloud-Based Storage Solutions

Businesses are increasingly using analytics, videos, and mobile applications which warrant an investment to manage the same. The immediate concern in such scenarios is storage and this means expensive hardware and other resources. The ideal solution in such scenarios is customized off-premise and shared cloud-based solutions.

Comitas can help in providing the best cloud solutions and thus provide businesses with the flexibility to optimize resources. Our customized cloud storage models allow businesses to store, access and manage data without the hassles of managing the infrastructure on their own. We partner with well-reputed companies such as Swisscom and Microsoft to ensure the safety and security of your data. Such partnerships also ensure effective implementation of solutions along with secure accessibility and global scalability.

We can cover all relevant stages of such a migration ranging from a readiness assessment to the final analysis and architecture of suitable cloud hosting solutions for your business. Training, transition, and integration of such a solution is also very much a part of such a process.

Comitas advantage:

  • Businesses seem to be growing constantly and the dynamic environment makes uncertainty a norm. Enterprise cloud computing or cloud-based storage solutions give businesses the advantage of being able to operate without investing in storage hardware or resources to manage the same.

  • Infrastructure is always a critical aspect of business decisions. However, your business can focus on solving critical aspects of the business rather than contemplating storage solutions.

  • Managing the information that you generate is vital and whether you opt for the entire gamut of services that we offer or choose to customize something for your business, Comitas can help.

  • We provide constant support to help maximize productivity while improving the efficiency of the end-users.